About Us

The Healthcare and the wider Personal Care sectors are going to experience an exponential growth in their social and financial value in the years to come, due to an increase in demand and to both product and process innovations, thanks to achievements in research activities, which brought dramatic changes to the sector and its players.

The Healthcare sector is undergoing a significant transformation. Social, scientific and technological improvements increased the average life expectancy and allowed to manage diseases in more efficient ways, thus resulting in an increase of cronic patients.This requires the development of new operating models for the healthcare sector.

This will lead to a progressive deterioration in the competitive positioning of the players who ill be unable to address the upcoming challenges, but it will be an opportunity for the ones who will exploit the innovation, not only technological, in order to reassess theur business strategies and market positioning.

Competing in such a scenario also requires to generate and manage a growing volume of sector-specific knowledge and to be able to identify diversified financial skills and tools to support the industrial development process in the medium-long term.

GloHM is a strategic and management consulting company, which can offer innovative solutions to the players in the healthcare sector who need to optimize their corporate structure, plan their industrial development and improve their economic and financial structure, also by identifying potential investors and business partners.

GloHM provides its clients with sector-specific skills and with an innovative approach, thanks to the world class academic, management and consulting expertise of its team members. From the design and implementation of industrial solutions, to the development of economic and financial models and structures to suit the needs of players and investors, to the full design of hospitals, clinics and healthcare residental facilities.

Solutions and models to facilitate the management by both groups of companies or individual entities, to support management and healthcare teams and for the project management of specific initiatives in key development areas.


Our approach

Creating value thanks to a fully integrated approach

Working side by side to support the client in achieving the best organizational, financial and management standards, as required by investors

Supporting companies at each stage of their life cycle

Working with clients on an ongoing basis, by keeping regular contacts and a significant presence of our team working with the company

Assisting investors and companies in their international business development efforts through acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic partnerships